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Happy Together

1 happy together 2:37

2 just like a woman (live) 3:53

3 good morning beatiful (live) 4:45

4 these boots are walkin'   (live) 2:27

track 1: music & lyrics by gordon/bonner published by emi music
track 2: music & lyrics by darmstaedter published by emi/talkin horse music
track 3: music & lyrics by oberlander/darmstaedter published by the jeremy days music/polygram songs
track 4: music & lyrics by lee hazelwood published by warner chappel
track 2,3 recorded live 5/95 frankfurt, batschkapp by götz sydow
track 4 recorded live in 1992 köln, wartesaal by thomas "düse" dünnhaupt

mixed by peter schmidt and the jeremy days at hafenklang hamburg

mix engineering: sven kohlwage, track 1 mastered at wisseloord studios, nl-hilversum by ronald prent

track 2,3,4 mastered by wilem makee, hannover, sleeve design & photography by dirk rudolph

Note: Track 4 is no sung my Darmstaedter, but unfortunately I don't have a clue who did it...
Track 2,3,4 previously unreleased !